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About Karyn

As an Advanced PGA Professional, Karyn has over 20 years coaching experience and brings her knowledge, passion, fun and encouraging manner to her lessons.  Karyn has always understood that each individual has a unique swing and therefore a unique game and likes to help golfers understand that one swing DOES NOT fit all.  She strongly believes in the importance of the short game and has witnessed  over her coaching career how this area of the game is frequently overlooked to the detriment of overall performance and so likes to demonstrate how it is an easier avenue to overall game improvement! 


Having taught many golfers, from every level of play, Karyn strives to help each golfer in a way which will help improve their game the most, as quickly and efficiently as possible. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to very quickly diagnose problems and offer workable bespoke solutions which has kept her clients coming back season after season.   Her friendly, adaptable and professional approach has improved the game of many golfers. Whatever you wish to work on, Karyn will help you to move forward and get more enjoyment from your game.

One of Karyn's teaching philosophies is 'why guess when you can measure' so you can be sure of exactly what you need to do to improve. Karyn will help you to understand what is good and not so good with regard to your shots and will offer you options to choose from depending mostly on your time available to best improve your game in the least amount of time AND with the least frustration.

Karyn is always open to new ideas and theories that could potentially help her clients improve so she regularly attends CPD seminars on different aspects of the game including Technical, Physical and Mental.  She currently holds  Advanced PGA Professional status, is one of only 3 certified AimPoint Green Reading instructors in Scotland,  She is a Certified Edel Putter Fitting Specialist and is also a Qualified Golf Fitness instructor.  You can expect an honest analysis and you can be sure that you are receiving the best instruction available to help you play to your best ability.

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