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Edel/Putter Custom Fitting

What would YOUR fit look like?


The fitting process begins with your current putter and I will assess its suitability for you.

We can then discuss your options from the following:

*Peace of Mind your current putter FITS YOU!  If it is not broken - do not try to fix it!

*Consider a change to a different putter you may have at home.

*Continue the Fitting Process to see what your Perfect Fit LOOKS and FEELS like.

*Order an Edel Putter or Find your Perfect Putter!


Ultimately my goal will be to give YOU the best opportunity to putt at your best with confidence! 

Book a fitting now.


I was first introduced to the Edel Putter Fitting Process in 2015 and I was so impressed with the Custom Fitting Service and the quality and the uniqueness of the product I had to get involved to be able to offer it to my customers.  I've been a Certified Edel Putter Fitter since March 2016 and I have completed more than 60 fittings to date and in almost every case it has been highlighted that the current putter the individual was using was NOT the best fit to them.  

For more information on Edel Putters check out:

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