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The Putting Hut

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The Putting Hut was opened in March 2022 and it allows me to teach all things putting regardless of the weather.  I fully designed the Putting Hut myself to ensure it included all the required elements for the best learning environment. Within this 320sqft unit we can Improve on the all important short putts AND we can work on your distance control with putts up to approximately 30ft to help you eliminate those annoying 3Putts! Staying ahead of current trends we can even work on your green reading skills and breaking putts on the tilting floor section of the hut.  Better Putting Starts Here......


Within the Putting Hut we have the option of using the worlds leading putt coaching system, the SAM Lab.  It is the most comprehensive and efficient technology available and will give us all the data we need to measure your technical performance. 


The putting surface by WellPutt accurately replicates medium-fast green speed surfaces and also includes bespoke visual training aids which are embedded in the surface to help you learn more quickly and efficiently. 

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