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AimPoint Putting

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Is there such a thing as perfect putting? There is in theory, but like everything else in golf, it is us as humans that are the variable. Why not start with the correct information and technique and try to adapt our skills with the scientific back up as opposed to guessing? What is likely to be more reliable?  Do we expect to hole every putt?...Probably...but we are unlikely to do so, therefore again, we might as well attempt that putt with the best information and an educated guess as opposed to a blind guess that's where AimPoint comes in!


I have been interested and teaching AimPoint Express for several years now as I truly believe it is a system that works and gives the golfer the ability to make that educated decision to then go through a process which really does give the best chance to #makeeverything!


In simple terms, think of perfect putting like a Triangle of Tasks, Read, Aim and Speed.  With AimPoint I can teach you ALL of that with scientific back up



What and How you can learn:


Green Reading


AimPoint Express levels 1&2 can be learned one to one OR in a group clinic where you will learn to read all lengths and slopes of putt.


Aim Lesson

Aiming on that chosen line will be your next task.  Many golfers do not aim where they are thinking, even from just 6ft from the hole.  What YOU see as an individual is what we assess in the Aiming lesson and we can confirm your Aim/Posture and Eye Position is good or we can learn what you need to adjust to aim correctly.  Your aiming issues may be highlighted to you when you attend the reading class but the Aim Lesson is best learned on a one to one basis as everyone's perception of line are different.


Speed Lesson

Controlling distance is a key part of putting to help you hole important short putts and also to eliminate 3 putts on any green as you get your first putt nearer the hole.  We have all heard the expression, "never up never in" and this is fairly self explanatory but we also have to consider putts that are travelling too fast are less likely too drop as the effective hole width narrows as the pace of the ball increases past optimum.  In the speed lesson we will use the Blast Motion Sensor which captures your stroke metrics so we can analyse your data and work on appropriate drills to improve your timing.  By improving your timing you should make more putts.



Following these lessons, you will have the tools to practice and attempt to master the art of putting like never before AND you will be more informed to analyse exactly why putts do not drop.





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