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Sessions and Prices


Let's work on getting the ball going where you'd like it to in these sessions. We can cover Driving, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons and Wedge Play.

from £20 junior, £25 adult.

Full Swing Sessions


Master the art of Green Reading, its the starting point of having a good chance to hole any putt on any green.  In this session you will learn to read ALL lengths and slopes of putt to perfection!

from £75 - ask for dates

AimPoint Express Green Reading


Knowing your distances is one of the required skills of good game management...using the GC2 launch monitor and the ball you use - lets take out any doubt with the best measuring tools and conditions!


Gap Analysis


The best way for me to see how we can improve your scores as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Tricky lies, rules and everything golf  YOUR style!

from £75 (9holes)

On-Course Game Management Session


Want to LOWER your Scores? This is likely the BEST place to start.  Short Approach Play and Putting is Guaranteed to help you IMPROVE!

£125 (5 sessions)

Short Game Improvement (Guaranteed) Package


Do you want to hole more short putts and do you want to get your first putt closer to eliminate 3 putts and help you LOWER your SCORES? 


Putting Technique Session


Is your putter the perfect fit for you?

This session will give you peace of mind OR will suggest the perfect putter for you to lower your scores.


Putter Custom Fitting

superspeed pic.jpg

Do you want to hit the ball further?  More Speed = More Distance!  You can do this as an Individual or in a training group. - Contact me for more information!

Coming Soon!!

SuperSpeed Training

All lessons include Launch Monitor Data, Video Analysis, Blast Motion Analysis

and use of other training aids where necessary.