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Virtual ONLINE Golf Lessons

Why Virtual Golf Lessons?

Golf swings and desired outcomes are individual and unique so you'll learn MORE by watching YOUR OWN swing analysis as opposed to someone else's on YouTube or in a Magazine!  I typically use Video Analysis in most of my golf lessons and the feedback I get from clients is that "it is so helpful to see that and now I understand what I am doing and more importantly what I NEED to do!".  There's no reason why you can't do this from the comfort of your own home, for whatever reason you cannot manage to have a lesson with me in person!

How does it work?

1 - Purchase the 'Virtual Golf Lesson' by selecting at the "Book a Virtual Lesson" button.

2 - Using the Video/Camera placement guidelines in the picture below, record and send your videos (one down the line and one face on) via Text, WhatsApp or Email Dropbox Link.

3 - Await my video analysis and instruction with voiceover reply! (I aim to do this within 24hours).

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